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    Polish and Norwegian Companies Ink Agreement for Advanced Naval Missile Defense Systems

    The Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and Norway’s Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace have inked a crucial agreement. Poland’s Defense Minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced the signing of the contract on Thursday, marking a milestone for the Polish Navy.

    Under the agreement, two advanced Naval Missile Units will be acquired, alongside comprehensive servicing for Naval Strike Missiles (NSM). These Naval Missile Units, integral components of the Navy’s arsenal, are terrestrial rocket systems designed to safeguard against hostile naval threats.

    Minister Błaszczak expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Good news for the Navy. Today, the Polish Armaments Group and Norway’s Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace concluded a contract for two additional Naval Missile Units and the servicing of NSM rockets. The Polish Coastal Missile Squadrons not only defend our coast but also play a vital role in the NATO defense system.”

    The contract for these two Naval Missile Units, signed by PIT-RADWAR, a unit of PGZ, stems from a groundbreaking deal struck on September 5 between PGZ and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. This earlier agreement focused on the provision of coastal missile systems (NDRs) equipped with NSMs. Currently, the Polish Navy operates two NDRs, procured in 2008 and 2014. PIT-RADWAR collaborated with Kongsberg D&A on both of these systems, showcasing the fruitful partnership between the two nations’ defense industries.


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