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    Polish Army Sees Surge in Volunteers as Over 175,000 Soldiers Serve the Nation

    In a strong display of patriotism and dedication to national security, the Polish Army has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of volunteers, bolstering its ranks to over 175,000 soldiers. This influx of enthusiastic individuals willing to serve their country has been acknowledged by Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, who expressed his gratitude during a recent military oath ceremony held in Biała Podlaska.

    Biała Podlaska Garrison’s Oath Ceremony Bolsters City’s Renewal and National Defense

    During the solemn event, soldiers from the Biała Podlaska garrison, which has been operational for two years, took their oath. This development marks a significant turnaround for the city, which had been devoid of a military presence for two decades, leading to the deterioration of buildings and infrastructure. However, with the resurgence of the garrison, Biała Podlaska is now experiencing a renewed sense of life and security, thanks to the soldiers of the Polish Army.

    The military oath ceremony, held on Friday, July 7, witnessed the participation of Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, who acknowledged the importance of a robust defence system in ensuring Poland’s safety. In his speech, the minister highlighted the ongoing threats faced by the country, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and previous hybrid attacks originating from Belarusian territory. To counter these threats, Poland has been steadfastly strengthening and equipping its armed forces since 2015, emphasizing the need for deterrence against aggressors.

    Building a Strong Defense: Volunteers Take Oath, Strengthening Poland’s Armed Forces

    At the 18th Logistics Regiment in Biała Podlaska, 160 soldiers who completed basic training as part of voluntary basic military service recited the military oath. Minister Błaszczak acknowledged that even the most well-equipped army requires substantial numbers, expressing his gratitude to the volunteers for their applications. He revealed that over the course of the ceremony, a total of 3,400 soldiers, primarily professionals, would be taking the oath, with some eventually joining the Territorial Defence Forces, enabling them to balance professional careers with military service. Importantly, those who opt not to serve in the Polish Army will still undergo training and become trained reservists, capable of effectively responding to crisis situations, thus enhancing Poland’s security.

    Minister Mariusz Błaszczak emphasized that joining the Polish Army presents not only personal growth opportunities but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding Poland’s security. He warmly encouraged prospective candidates to consider various forms of service, such as voluntary basic military service, professional military service, or joining the Territorial Defence Forces. 

    The Polish Army’s remarkable growth in the number of soldiers, surpassing 175,000, demonstrates a strong sense of national duty among volunteers. With the introduction of voluntary basic military service, individuals now have the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s defence and pursue a career in the armed forces. 

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