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    Polish Art Takes Flight with PLL LOT’s New Safety Video

    Polish national carrier LOT Polish Airlines and the National Museum in Warsaw have unveiled a collaborative project – a safety video. Filmed in the 19th Century Art Gallery, this safety video integrates passenger education with LOT’s brand strategy of promoting Polish heritage.

    Artistic Safety Briefing:
    Presented at the National Museum in Warsaw on December 7th, the new safety video unfolds amidst masterpieces in the 19th Century Art Gallery. Paintings by renowned Polish artists like Jan Matejko and Olga Boznańska come to life, creatively delivering safety instructions to passengers in a modern, storytelling manner.

    Brand Image and Cultural Promotion:
    Beyond its informative purpose, the safety video serves a significant branding role. LOT, as a globally recognized Polish brand, leverages its presence in international airports to promote Poland’s hospitality, kindness, culture, and national heritage. The new safety video aligns with LOT’s ESG strategy, emphasizing the promotion of Polish culture.

    Unique Museum Setting:
    Filmed within the extraordinary spaces of the National Museum, the 19th Century Art Gallery houses around 300 artworks, reflecting the richness and diversity of artistic trends from that period.

    Collaboration Impact:
    The collaboration with the National Museum adds a unique touch to LOT’s passenger experience, inviting travelers to embark on culturally enriched journeys.

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