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    Polish Aviation Academy opened

    The Deputy Minister of State Assets attended the launch of the Polish Aviation Academy. It is a centre offering comprehensive training for flight attendants and pilots. Prior to this, pilots had to go overseas to develop their abilities on simulators, including Singapore, Miami, London, and Amsterdam, which was expensive for the business.

    “Polish aviation industry personnel are getting a modern centre for learning and improving skills (…) The launch of the centre clearly shows that after the collapse caused by the pandemic, Polish aviation has a vision and prospects for further development,”

    Deputy Minister Maciej Małecki stresses.

    “I am convinced that today’s inauguration will significantly strengthen the potential of the aviation business in our country, and the development of this centre will have a significant impact on the quality and safety of air travel. I think the investment will bring significant savings for PLL LOT,”

    the deputy minister concluded.

    “On 24.01.2023, the Simulator Center for Flight Crews began its operation at the Polish Aviation Academy. This is the first centre in Poland to offer such a wide range of training for pilots and cabin crew,”

    LOT Polish Airlines wrote on Twitter.

    According to the deputy minister, companies affiliated with LOT Polish Airlines have responded well to the crisis by reducing operating costs and implementing a number of changes and amenities for travellers.

    “I am aware that the growing number of passengers from month to month is a great merit of the employees of this sector,”

    Maciej Małecki says.

    The Polish Aviation Academy has been equipped with simulators needed to train flight crews. Total expenditures on the purchase, the adaptation of premises and installation of training equipment amounted to about PLN 19.2 million.

    “Thanks to the cooperation of the companies of the LOT Polish Airlines, the combination of knowledge and skills of qualified personnel and modern infrastructure, the Polish Aviation Academy can provide cabin crew with comprehensive training in one place,”

    Maciej Małecki adds.

    The Polish Aviation Academy currently provides training for those intending to obtain pilot licenses of various categories, as well as additional qualification training. As of February 1, 2023, training for PLL LOT flight crews will also be available. // Ministerstwo Aktywów Państwowych

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