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    Polish Broadcasters to Reveal Election Exit Polls and Referendum Results on October 15, 9 p.m.

    On October 15, the results of the parliamentary elections’ exit polls will be unveiled at 9 p.m. by major Polish broadcasters TVP, Polsat, and TVN, as announced by Ipsos, the research firm conducting the survey. Following the conclusion of the campaign silence, state-owned broadcaster TVP, Poland’s largest privately owned TV network TVN, and private broadcaster Polsat will disclose the poll results, obtained immediately after voters left the polling stations.

    Ipsos confirmed that, at the request of TVP and Polsat, they will also provide estimated voting results for the four-question referendum conducted by the government alongside the elections, along with information about voter turnout. The survey will encompass 900 randomly selected polling stations, where Ipsos pollsters will approach voters to complete a brief questionnaire, inquiring about their choices made that day.

    Approximately 1,850 pollsters, along with Ipsos coordinators and analysts, will be involved in gathering and analyzing the data, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate overview of the electoral and referendum outcomes.

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