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    Polish Consortium to Design Lunar Mapping Mission with Innovative Satellite

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    Polish-led consortium’s Twardowski project, selected by ESA, aims to map the Moon with an advanced satellite for future resource exploration.

    Poland’s Creotech Instruments will lead a consortium in designing a lunar mapping mission, utilizing their proprietary satellite based on the HyperSat platform. The European Space Agency (ESA) selected the Twardowski project on November 24, aiming to extract and process lunar resources in the future.

    Innovative Satellite Design

    Creotech Instruments, the consortium leader, will design the mission and the satellite using the HyperSat microsatellite platform. The payload responsibilities lie with the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geological Sciences and the Center for Space Research. The HyperSat will be engineered for deep-space operations, ensuring high radiation resistance and handling advanced scientific instruments.

    Strategic Collaboration and National Competence

    The Twardowski project emphasizes collaboration with international entities while maintaining essential roles for Polish contributors, enhancing national space industry significance and capabilities.

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