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    Polish & Croatian MODs hold talks on cooperation

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    The Defense Ministers of Poland and Croatia, Mariusz Błaszczak and Mario Banożić, respectively, travelled to the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in Bemowo Piskie in order to pay a visit to the Croatian soldiers stationed there as part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence program.

    Mariusz Blaszczak and Mario Banozic had a discussion at a military facility situated in Bemowo Piskie, where there is a contingent of troops from the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). This group is composed of individuals from Poland, Croatia, the US, Romania, and the UK.

    After their gathering, Blaszczak declared that they had agreed to keep aiding Ukraine. The Polish defence minister has declared that the Russian empire must be kept from reemerging in order to safeguard Europe and the free world.

    “It is important for the security of Europe and the free world that the Russian empire is not reborn,”

    he explained.

    Banozic said that the joint multi-national exercises “are very good for learning something new in a short time”.

    He stated that he wished for a group of military personnel from his nation to come to Poland shortly.

    “I wish to congratulate my colleague Blaszczak and the Polish people on what a huge role they assumed at such an important moment for the entire NATO’s eastern flank. This shows our adaptability within NATO. We also pledge further assistance to Ukraine,”

    Minister M.Banožić said.

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