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    Polish Engineers Achieve Historic Space Milestone with ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K

    Polish engineers’ ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K rocket reaches space, marking a historic milestone for sustainable aerospace technology.

    On July 3, 2024, Polish engineers from Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation achieved a historic feat with their suborbital rocket, ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K, which reached an altitude of 101 km, entering space.

    Innovative Technology

    The ILR-33 BURSZTYN 2K is the world’s first rocket using 98% concentrated hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer. This environmentally friendly propellant represents a breakthrough in sustainable space technology.

    Successful Launch

    Launched from Andøya Space in Norway, the rocket traveled at nearly 1.4 km/s. The payload was successfully recovered from the Norwegian Sea, 135 km from the launch site.

    Future Prospects

    This milestone demonstrates the potential for Polish engineers to contribute significantly to both civilian and military aerospace projects. The success paves the way for future developments, including rockets capable of placing small satellites into orbit.

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