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    Polish Firefighters Assist in Combating Greek Wildfires

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    Polish firefighters swiftly mobilized from Krakow, traversing nearly 2,000 km to aid Greece’s firefighting efforts. The Greek authorities had cautioned about potential sector shifts due to high temperatures, erratic winds, and surging tourist activities.

    Working tirelessly in the regions of Mandera and Stefanii, the Polish team’s focus lies in closely monitoring the burnt-out areas. Their primary objective is to prevent the re-ignition of “hot spots,” which could reignite the wildfires.

    A Successful Intervention-Free Watch

    Fortunately, their vigilance has paid off, as there was no need for firefighting interventions. The Greek authorities had specifically requested the Polish team to oversee the scorched locations, and their timely actions have averted further disaster.

    149 Polish firefighters, supported by 49 vehicles, have united their efforts with Greek counterparts, showcasing international solidarity in times of crisis. The combined response demonstrates the effectiveness of collaborative firefighting strategies.

    A Prolonged Stay for Ongoing Support

    Anticipating the unpredictable nature of wildfires, the Polish firefighters are prepared to remain in Greece for approximately two weeks, providing continued support as the situation develops.

    This collaborative firefighting mission, initiated by the Polish Fire Service, has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Greek government. The joint efforts of these dedicated firefighters serve as a testament to the power of international unity in times of adversity.

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