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    Polish Government Urged to Act Against Rising Prices

    The Polish government is under pressure to address mounting concerns over rising prices and deteriorating economic conditions, with Mateusz Morawiecki, Vice-President of the Law and Justice party (PiS), calling for immediate action.

    Call for Government Intervention

    Morawiecki criticized the policies of the previous administration led by Donald Tusk, blaming them for steep increases in gas, water, and electricity prices, which disproportionately affect ordinary citizens and small businesses.

    Demand for Financial Shields

    In response, Morawiecki demanded the implementation of financial shields to protect Polish families and businesses from the impact of rising costs. He urged the government to prioritize discounts on heat energy and electricity, emphasizing the need for stability in utility prices.

    Political Implications

    With European Parliament elections looming, Morawiecki warned against being misled by those in power and urged swift action to address the pressing economic challenges facing Poland.

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