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    Polish Handball Team Secures Euro Championships Spot

    Polish handball players triumphed over Kosovo 28-17 (15-9) in their final European Championship qualifier match in Zielona Góra. The victory secured their place in the finals, set to take place in Hungary, Austria, and Switzerland later this year.

    In Group 8, Denmark emerged victorious with a perfect record, while Poland clinched second place. Despite two losses to Denmark, Arne Senstad’s team secured wins against Kosovo in both encounters.

    In a rematch just four days later, Poland replicated their earlier success in Prishtina, defeating Kosovo 34-27. The consistency of lineups showcased a formidable performance.

    Poland held on for the win, with goalkeeper Barbara Zima making a crucial penalty save. This victory marks Poland’s sixth consecutive appearance in the European Championships. The finals draw is scheduled for April 18th in Vienna.

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