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    Polish Holiday Preferences: Ranking of Polish Vacation Destinations

    As the summer of 2023 unfolded, a whopping 65% of Poland’s populace, roughly 21 million individuals, had one thing in common—a planned vacation. However, what piqued curiosity were the travel preferences within the country and the soaring popularity of specific seaside destinations. The allure of the Baltic Sea retained its timeless appeal, drawing in families, couples, and friend groups alike. So, what defined the vacation preferences of the Polish and which seaside towns basked in the highest popularity this year?

    Polish Holiday Adventures

    Exploration and relaxation seemed to be the mantra for over two-thirds of those opting for a domestic holiday, approximately 11 million souls. The allure lay not just in discovering new locales but also in savoring local delights, indulging in nature’s bounty, and embracing thrilling leisure activities.

    The top choices for holidays within Poland were the sea, mountains, and the enchanting Mazury region. Notably, a staggering 42% chose the Baltic coast for their respite. Moreover, over 60% preferred shorter stays, with their vacations capped at a week—a stark shift from longer holidays in previous years. Instead, weekend getaways to Polish cities emerged as a burgeoning trend.

    Embracing nature and fiscal prudence steered vacation choices. There’s a growing interest in cozy cottages nestled away from the urban bustle, agrotourism, or private apartments with kitchen facilities, presenting a blend of comfort and serenity.

    Eliasz Polański from underscores this trend, noting, “Year by year, tourists increasingly appreciate the serene relaxation and comfort offered by holiday cottages. In 2023, over half of the inquiries for vacation stays revolved around cottages.”

    With a diverse array of accommodation options catering to varied budgets, vacationers found their perfect spot. Camping, glamping (the luxurious version of camping), and exploring Polish corners via camper vans all garnered significant interest.

    Conscious Spending and Coastal Charms

    Despite economic challenges and inflation, nearly half of Poles dipped into their savings for vacations, while only 15% considered the prospect of taking out a loan. The majority meticulously planned their holidays, calculating expenses wisely.

    Seaside Escapades: Polish Favorites

    Among those opting for domestic holidays, seaside locales emerged as the pinnacle of popularity. The Baltic Coast, with its pleasant ambiance, diverse attractions, and cost-effective offerings, captured hearts, luring vacationers year after year, undeterred by variable weather or infamous parking tickets.

    Which seaside towns reigned supreme in popularity?

    This ranking stems from an analysis of vacation offers accessed by over 2 million users on the portal, showcasing interest rather than actual tourist footfall. Within the top 10 vacation spots in Poland were Sarbinowo, Pobierowo, and Ustronie Morskie, with Międzyzdroje, Łeba, Darłówko, Ustka, and Sopot trailing closely.

    Seaside Resorts: Tranquility and Excitement

    Sarbinowo, Pobierowo, and Sianożęty epitomize expansive sandy beaches, picturesque bathing spots, and forest-draped dunes, offering a serene retreat amidst nature’s bounty. These locations cater to families with a gamut of activities while boasting captivating trails for hiking or cycling, ensuring leisurely holidays peppered with occasional explorations.

    The bustling larger towns along the Baltic Coast—Kołobrzeg, Mielno, and Władysławowo—present not just sun-soaked beaches but also a plethora of entertainment. Water sports, family amusement parks, and relaxing spa zones ensured visitors were always engaged. Close behind the top ten were Międzyzdroje, Łeba, Darłówko, Ustka, and Sopot, equally adored by vacationers seeking a delightful seaside escape.

    Polish Mountains in Summer

    But what about summer sojourns in the mountains? Surprisingly, Zakopane emerged as the most desired destination, followed by Karpacz and Wisła, painting a picture of the mountainous allure during the warmer months.

    In essence, 2023 witnessed a mosaic of vacation preferences among the Polish populace, with seaside bliss reigning supreme while the mountains, too, held their charm. Whether it was the tranquil seaside retreats or the allure of mountain escapades, Polish holidaymakers reveled in the beauty and diversity their country offered, ensuring a memorable summer for all.


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