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    Polish Lawmaker’s Stand Against Water Cannon Use Amid Protest

    During a recent farmer’s protest in Warsaw, which was met with forceful suppression by the police including the use of batons and tear gas, an act of defiance from a member of the ruling party’s parliamentary club, Law and Justice (PiS), came to light. Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of PiS, recounted the incident during a meeting in Śniadowo, highlighting the involvement of a tall lawmaker, Michał Woś, from the Sovereign Poland party (affiliated with PiS).

    As the police were preparing to deploy water cannons against the demonstrators, Woś, brandishing his parliamentary ID, boldly faced the cannon and dared the officers to proceed with their action. Accompanied by another lawmaker, his stand resulted in the police refraining from using the water cannon.

    Kaczyński criticized the opposition for what he described as their specialization in provocation, hinting at an orchestrated attempt to escalate the situation, evident from the presence of individuals in civilian clothes but wearing official shoes and throwing paving stones. He stressed the danger of using water cannons, especially in cold weather, as it could lead to serious illnesses, including pneumonia, for those dressed in heavy clothing.

    Furthermore, Kaczyński lamented the unresolved issues with the justice system and referenced the unaccounted “fork” operation against football fans, expressing frustration over the obstacles faced in reforming the judiciary.

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