Polish music scene shines at The Fryderyk Festival 2023

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The Fryderyk Festival: Gala of Popular Music and Jazz took place on Saturday evening on the stage of the Gliwice Arena, and Mrozu, Brodka, sanah, and Dawid Podsiadło were among the winners of this year’s awards from the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry.

The event was attended by various artists such as Natalia Przybysz, Bokka, Ania Leon, Michał Barański, Me And That Man (Nergal and John Porter), Julia Wieniawa, Grzegorz Hyży, Sara James, T. Love, Kasia Sienkiewicz, Smolasty, Doda, Natalia Szroeder, Rubens, Bovska, Lanberry, Feel, Behemoth, Rita Pax, Marek Napiórkowski, Artur Lesicki, and Szczyl.

In the weeks leading up to the festival, the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry announced the nominees for the 2023 Fryderyk Awards in 26 categories of popular music and jazz. Rubens, Dawid Podsiadło, sanah, and Mrozu received the most nominations.

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Mrozu’s “Złote bloki” won the Pop Album of the Year category, competing against Dawid Podsiadło’s “Lata Dwudzieste,” Doda’s “Aquaria,” Natalia Szroeder’s “Pogłos Suplement,” and sanah’s “Uczta.”

Sanah was named Artist of the Year, although she was not present at the gala. The other nominees in this category were Agnieszka Chylińska, Brodka, Kaśka Sochacka, and Natalia Szroeder.

Mrozu was named Artist of the Year, with Dawid Podsiadło, Ralph Kaminski, Rubens, and Vito Bambino also nominated.

Ewa Bem was awarded the Golden Fryderyk for her achievements in jazz music, while composer Andrzej Korzyński was posthumously awarded the Golden Fryderyk for his life’s work.

Mrozu’s “Za daleko” feat. Vito Bambino was announced as Song of the Year, with Brodka’s “Sadza,” Dawid Podsiadło’s “mori,” Ignacy’s “Czekam na znak,” and Rubens’ “Wszystko ok?” also nominated.

Sara James won the Fonographic Debut of the Year award, although Ania Leon, Jakub Skorupa, Rubens, and Zalia were also in the running.

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Mitch & Mitch con il loro Gruppo Etereofonico won the Indie Pop Album of the Year category for “Amore assoluto per Ennio.” The other nominees were IGO for “Igo,” Ralph Kaminski for “Bal u Rafała,” Rubens for “Piosenki, których nikt nie chciał,” and Sorry Boys for “Renesans.”

The Hip Hop Album of the Year title went to “8171” by Szczyl and Magiera, while “Ruleta” by 1988, “Roller” by Miły ATZ, “Muzyka Komercyjna” by Pezet, and “Almost Goat” by Smolasty were also in the running.

The Rock Album of the Year title went to Dezerter’s “1986 Co będzie jutro?,” with Agnieszka Chylińska’s “Never Ending Sorry,” Rita Pax’s “Piękno. Tribute To Breakout,” The Car Is On Fire’s “Ombarrops!” and Strachy na Lachy’s “Płyta tłusta, córka śmierć” also being nominated for the award.

The Electronic Album of the Year award was given to Rysy’s “Sprawdzić,” beating out other contenders like “Chmury nie było” by Kuba Więcek Trio, “Strefa Komfortu” by Kuba Karaś, “Ara” by Mitch & Mitch, and “Młynarski Plays Młynarski” by Skalpel.

In addition to these categories, there were also awards for Best New Artist, Best Music Video, and Best Hip Hop/R&B Album. The winners in these categories were Dawid Podsiadło for Best New Artist, Łukasz Rostkowski for Best Music Video (for his work on “Ruletka” by 1988), and Paluch for Best Hip Hop/R&B Album (for “Fame” ).

The Fryderyk Awards continue to be an important event in the Polish music industry, recognizing the achievements of artists across a variety of genres and promoting the growth of music in Poland.

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