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    Polish Opposition Leader Rejects EU Green Deal and Stresses National Sovereignty in Pre-Election Speech

    During the Law and Justice (PiS) party convention titled “Free Poles in the face of treaty changes in the European Union,” party leader Jarosław Kaczyński vehemently opposed the European Union’s Green Deal and called for the preservation of traditional Polish lifestyles. The convention, part of the campaign for the upcoming European Parliament elections, became a platform for Kaczyński to outline his party’s major objections to current EU policies.

    At the event, Kaczyński declared, “We are Poles and have Polish duties,” emphasizing the importance of defending Polish values, interests, and national status. He linked the rejection of the Green Deal to protecting Polish agriculture, claiming it threatened to annihilate local farming through undue regulations and unfair competitive advantages from Ukrainian imports.

    Kaczyński also criticized other EU policies, including migration pacts and proposed treaty changes that could undermine Polish sovereignty, which he argued were tied to accepting the euro. According to him, the euro benefits strong economies like Germany’s at the expense of others, potentially stifling Polish economic growth.

    Addressing the convention attendees, Kaczyński expressed his disapproval of any compromise on national decision-making in areas such as defense and foreign policy. He argued that Poland should not relinquish control over these sovereign matters to external entities.

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