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    Polish Parade in Vilnius: the Day of Polonia and Poles Abroad and the Anniversary of the Constitution of May 3rd

    Thousands of Poles marched down the main streets of Vilnius on Saturday to celebrate the Day of Polonia and Poles Abroad and the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3rd. The colorful parade, dressed in traditional Polish attire, waved Polish flags and sang patriotic songs while passing by notable landmarks such as the Presidential Palace and the Pac Palace, which houses the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

    The event was topped off with a holy mass in the Chapel of the Gate of Dawn, followed by a concert by the Mazowsze group in the Town Hall Square. The parade was organized by the Association of Poles in Lithuania (ZPL), representing 14 branches from across the country and various Polish social organizations, schools, and artistic groups.

    The ZPL Vice Chairman, Edward Trusewicz, described the parade as “an expression of pride in being Polish in Lithuania and a demonstration of our unity, reminding fellow Lithuanian citizens of the numerous presence of Poles in our country.”

    Leading the parade were representatives of the Polish community in Lithuania, including members of the Christian Families Alliance – Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL-ZChR), party councilors, and Poland’s ambassador to Vilnius, Konstanty Radziwiłł.

    According to Senator Ryszard Majer, it was a vital manifestation of attachment to Polish traditions, adding that it was fantastic to see so many young people waving the white-and-red flag outside Poland’s borders, saying that they are the best ambassadors of Polish identity.

    Poland’s minority in Lithuania constitutes 6.5% of the country’s population, and ZLP branches representing almost 10,000 members operate practically throughout Lithuania. The Polish Pride Parade in Vilnius has been held every few years since 2004, and Trusewicz stated that they plan to organize this beautiful manifestation annually from now on.

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