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    Polish PM expresses gratitude to US for cooperation in restoring peace and stability

    Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, expressed his gratitude towards the US for its contribution to restoring peace and stability in the region. During his visit to Camp Kosciuszko, a military base in western Poland, Morawiecki praised the cooperation between the Polish and American armies, which led to the establishment of 11 American locations in Poland.

    Morawiecki emphasized the significance of the joint effort to counter Russia’s aggression, which has created new dangers for NATO. He commended the US for keeping its promises and highlighted the fact that Poland is not only a recipient but also a provider of security in the region.

    “We are building one of the strongest ground forces in Europe,” Morawiecki stated, adding that Poland is ready to allocate up to 4% of its GDP to weaponry and the expansion of its armed forces.

    “We not only exhibit our determination, but also show that our words are followed by deeds, as we allocate a huge pool of funds from the budget to security,”

    he said.

    The presence of American troops in Poland has been viewed as a strong signal of the US commitment to the defense of NATO’s eastern flank. The establishment of the US Army’s V Corps in Poznan has significantly contributed to the enhancement of the security situation in the region.

    Morawiecki’s visit to Camp Kosciuszko demonstrates the strong alliance between Poland and the US in their effort to promote peace and stability in the region. The joint effort of the two armies serves as a model for cooperation among NATO allies.

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