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    Polish President announces increased security measures for common defence

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    In an interview with the French daily Le Figaro, Polish President announced that the country is broadening its defensive capabilities and intends to allocate more than 4 per cent of its GDP to defence in 2023.

    On Saturday evening, President Andrzej Duda stated in an interview published on the presidential website that Poland’s military upgrades are in agreement with the motto of NATO, “one for all, all for one”, and are aimed at building a common security.

    “Poland is expanding its defensive potential. In 2023 we will channel more than 4 per cent of GDP to defence, this is twice as much as expected from Nato allies. We are building common security – one for all, all for one,” Duda said.

    Asked about Poland’s relations with the US, Duda said they “extended beyond words,” and as an example named the presence of nearly 10,000 US troops in Poland as part of reinforcements on the eastern Nato flank.

    Duda asserted that if Russia launched an assault on Poland, it would be equivalent to an attack on NATO, and he expressed faith in a “swift and decisive” answer.

    Duda warned that if Russian leader Vladimir Putin were to win the war against Ukraine, “there is no knowing where he might stop.” He further stressed the urgency of Ukraine receiving more military aid in the upcoming weeks in order to avoid defeat and emphasized that if this did not happen, the outcome of the war would not be in Ukraine’s favour.

    High praise was given by Duda to the citizens of his country for the considerable assistance they provided Ukrainian refugees.

    “The Poles have not forgotten what Russian occupation is, what a Russian invasion means and the conduct of Russian troops. Their arrival means death and brutality,” Duda told Le Figaro.

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