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    Polish President Emphasizes the Imperative of Continued Armament Programs Amid Russian Imperialism

    As Poland commemorates its Independence Day, President Andrzej Duda stressed the necessity for the country to persist in its armament programs to safeguard against potential threats from Russian imperialism. Speaking at a ceremony marking the 105th anniversary of Poland’s restoration to statehood in 1918 after enduring over a century of partitions by Russian, German, and Austrian empires, Duda warned against complacency in the face of geopolitical challenges.

    “Russian imperialism will not cease its ambitions in Ukraine unless met with a resolute response. It poses a potential threat to the sovereignty of other nations,” remarked President Duda during the Saturday ceremony. Reflecting on Poland’s tumultuous history, he emphasized the need to bolster the nation’s military security, revitalize the army’s capabilities, and modernize its forces to ensure effective defense in the event of external aggression, including a hypothetical confrontation with the Russian military.

    Duda underscored the importance of a robust Polish military as a deterrent against potential Russian occupation. “Only the prospect of defeat within Poland and the collapse of the imperial idea can halt Russian imperialism,” he asserted. Consequently, he called for the steadfast completion and full implementation of ongoing armament programs, encompassing both equipment acquisitions and the augmentation of personnel within the armed forces.

    Describing this as a historical, existential, and fundamental issue for the security and existence of Poland and its people, President Duda framed the ongoing armament initiatives as crucial to ensuring the nation’s resilience in the face of evolving geopolitical challenges. As Poland navigates the complex dynamics of regional security, the President’s call for continued military preparedness reflects the nation’s commitment to safeguarding its autonomy and independence.


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