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    Polish Scientists Lead Genetic Research to Expand Lynx Population

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    Polish scientists, as part of an international project, will conduct genetic research on lynxes in Poland. The initiative aims to recommend breeding pairs and release strategies, fostering population growth. A lynx genotypic library will also be established.

    The University of Białystok, in collaboration with the West Pomeranian Naturalists Society, signed a contract for the project, “Expanding the Range of the Lynx Population in Northern Poland,” valued at nearly PLN 520,000. The endeavor targets an increase in lynx numbers from 120 to 149 and an expansion of their habitat by at least 4,000 km².

    Professor Mirosław Ratkiewicz underscores the project’s importance, anticipating enhanced ecosystem balance through the reintroduction of lynxes, leading to better regulation of herbivore populations and improved forest conditions.

    Researchers from the University of Białystok will conduct genetic analyses, recommending pairings based on genetic diversity for breeding and reintroduction. The Baltic lynx population’s genetic distinctiveness will be a focal point, addressing the uncertainty surrounding its future.

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