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    Polish Scientists Lead Quantum Research Wave in QuantERA 2023

    Polish scientific teams have secured spots in eight out of 24 projects selected in the European QuantERA consortium’s 2023 competition. These projects, funded under the Quantum Technologies program, cover a spectrum of quantum research areas.

    Diverse Quantum Investigations

    Polish researchers will delve into topics such as the quantum nature of the environment, quantum simulators, quantum cryptography, and the potential of resources used in quantum computing. These initiatives aim to advance knowledge in both fundamental and applied quantum research.

    Polish Leadership in Quantum Encryption

    Among the winning projects, Polish-led consortia will focus on advanced data encryption using quantum cryptography. The FiGAnti project, coordinated by Dr. Anna Musiał from Wrocław University of Science and Technology, explores quantum key distribution in field conditions.

    Innovative Quantum Technologies

    Projects led by Dr. Adam Wojciechowski of Jagiellonian University will explore nanodiamond applications in information processing, metrology, and biomedical imaging (AQuSeND project). Additionally, Dr. John Selby from the University of Gdańsk will spearhead the ResourceQ project, unifying and optimizing quantum computing resources.

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