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    Polish Scouts Remember the Warsaw Uprising

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    Over 550 scouts from seven organizations converged in Warsaw to honor the 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Major Leszek Żukowski, a veteran of the uprising, inspired the young scouts with his harrowing experiences as a resistance fighter during World War II.

    Scouts join Warsaw Uprising veterans in a series of commemorative events, including the “Warszawiacy śpiewają (nie)zakazane piosenki” concert. The theme “Ramię w ramię” (Shoulder to shoulder) fosters unity among the organizations, exemplified by Bartosz Wyszyński from ZHP “Rój Promienistych” in Wyszków, who seeks to learn the history of the 1944 uprising.

    Cherishing the Living History

    Director Jan Ołdakowski of the Warsaw Uprising Museum urges scouts to meet the 518 surviving veterans and cherish these exceptional encounters. All major scout and guide associations in Poland jointly organize the event, concluding on August 2nd.

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