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    Polish Service Sector Experiences Unprecedented Boom in Early 2024

    As we move into the spring of 2024, the Polish service sector is witnessing a remarkable upswing, with every service category showing growth in the first quarter. According to the latest “Service Barometer” released by, an online service request platform, there has been a significant increase in user inquiries across the ten most popular service categories.

    Renewable Energy and Construction Lead the Way

    The data indicates a nationwide interest in photovoltaics, traditional masonry home construction, and renovations, making these the top three service categories across all provinces. This trend suggests that prices and availability of skilled professionals may soon rise due to high demand.

    The construction sector, in particular, is bustling with activity as investors rush to start projects ahead of anticipated rises in building material costs, spurred by geopolitical events affecting import restrictions. Seasonal factors also contribute, with a post-winter increase in demand for building materials, exacerbating the price hikes. “As people anticipate higher costs, they’re moving quickly to get their construction projects underway,” noted Marta Kaleta-Domaradzka of

    Renewables Recovery

    The renewable energy sector is recovering robustly, especially with the government’s ongoing support through the “My Electricity 6.0” program, aimed at encouraging the adoption of photovoltaic micro-installations. This initiative not only promotes environmental sustainability but also offers financial benefits by reducing electricity bills and allowing homeowners to sell surplus energy back to the grid. “The announcement of the next funding round in early 2024 led to a surge in inquiries for heat pumps and photovoltaics,” Kaleta-Domaradzka added.

    Broad Growth Across Service Sectors

    Beyond construction and energy, the service market is flourishing across various categories. Garden work, legal and accounting services, and electrical services are all experiencing significant quarter-over-quarter growth. Early April’s warm weather also sparked a rush for air conditioning installations, with over 1,300 inquiries recorded in just the first few days of the month at

    As the service sector blooms with the spring, the data from serves as a potent reminder of the dynamic nature of the market. For those planning construction, renovation, or the installation of cooling systems or renewable energy solutions, the time to act is now.

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