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    Polish Startup Wins Prestigious American Competition

    In the heart of Pawłowice, a 23-year-old entrepreneur has sparked a revolution in agriculture. His startup, Nirby, has just clinched a prestigious American competition with its innovative solution, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous drones to assist farmers. Piotr Lazarek’s brainchild utilizes proprietary AI algorithms and satellite data from the European Space Agency to generate real-time productivity maps of selected farmlands.

    Boosting Yields and Sustainability

    By implementing Nirby’s system, farmers can increase yields by approximately 15% while slashing fertilizer consumption by around 40%. This translates to significantly higher annual profits and contributes to a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem. The recognition of this groundbreaking idea on the international stage, securing the top prize in a major US competition, underscores its transformative potential for the industry.

    Each year, the application of such cutting-edge technologies receives financial backing from the Agricultural Restructuring and Modernization Agency. This signifies a growing trend towards integrating technology into traditional agricultural practices, heralding a new era of efficiency and sustainability. With AI-driven solutions like Nirby paving the way, the future of farming looks brighter than ever before.

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