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    Porcelain exhibition of masterpieces from Meissen Artists in the Saltworks Castle, Wieliczka

    Step into a world of porcelain enchantment as a stunning exhibition unveils close to 170 exquisite porcelain masterpieces in the Saltworks Castle in Wieliczka on May 23 – October 22. This is a golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the visionary works of Meissen’s most celebrated artists.

    The brushstrokes of Bonaventura Häuer (1709-1782) and the sculptural genius of Johan Joachim Kändler (1706-1775), the genius behind Meissen’s porcelain figurine revolution that took Europe by storm.

    Get ready to be transported through time and space as you explore the 18th-century mining porcelain collection, graciously loaned by the esteemed Beate and Achim Middelschulte.

    Marvel at the scenic wonders of mountain landscapes, where mined ores reach towering heights and the magical divining rod uncovers hidden treasures. Witness a vivid tableau of elegant damsels and astute merchants, woven into the delicate porcelain tapestry. The allure of “white gold,” which once captivated the mighty King Augustus the Strong, continues to cast its spell on generations of connoisseurs.

    From opulent tea sets to intricately crafted trinket boxes, these delicate marvels not only showcase unparalleled artistry but also hold priceless historical significance. Experience the dawn of European porcelain as you gaze upon the earliest-known miner figurines and enchanting mining scenes depicted on dainty chocolate cups and saucers (circa 1730-35).

    Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Meissen’s miner series, beautifully juxtaposed with pieces from Vienna and Fürstenberg. Explore the timeless legacy of Berlin’s miners, their commemorative gifts now hailed as priceless relics. Stand in awe before the last surviving original 18th-century gems crafted by the revered sculptor Samuel Gottlieb Poll in 1785.

    In partnership with the esteemed German Mining Museum in Bochum, this extraordinary exhibition unveils the glittering treasures from the Achim and Beate Middelschulte Foundation. Prepare to be enchanted as you step into a world where porcelain reigns supreme, a testament to the relentless pursuit of artistic perfection throughout the ages.

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