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    President Andrzej Duda Extends Gratitude to Miners on Barbórka Day

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    In heartfelt wishes on Barbórka, Poland’s Miner’s Day, President Andrzej Duda expressed deep appreciation for the year-round dedication of miners, acknowledging its strategic value for the nation’s economy and energy security.

    A Year-Round Commitment

    President Duda thanked miners for their tireless efforts, emphasizing the profound impact of their work on the nation’s economy and, most importantly, the well-being of millions of Polish families, especially during the winter months.

    Tragedy Casts a Shadow

    Despite the festive occasion, the President acknowledged the recent tragedy at the Sobieski mine, where four miners lost their lives. Traditional celebrations were subdued, focusing on prayers for eternal rest and the well-being of the affected families.

    Unity in Difficult Times

    President Duda commended the mining community for its unity, resilience, and solidarity, evident not only in daily work but also during historical moments and crises, including organizing rescue efforts.

    Strategic Importance of Mining

    Highlighting the strategic importance of mining for national economy and energy security, President Duda expressed hope for continued access to domestic resources for years to come, meeting the needs of current and future generations.

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