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    President assures Ukraine will not be alone

    At the 2nd Summit for Democracy on Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda declared that the West will remain firmly behind Ukraine in their struggle, as it is a fight for all of us.

    US President Joe Biden is co-hosting a virtual summit, exploring the difficulties posed to democracies around the world by the increasing sway of autocracies. The summit seeks to address the increasing threat of authoritarian regimes and their impact on democracy.

    In his address to the summit, Duda said Ukraine “never has, and never will stand alone.”

    “Ukraine is fighting on behalf of and for us all,” Duda said, while also warning that Russia could “go much further” if it is not stopped.

    Polish President Andrzej Duda has acknowledged that his country has welcomed the most Ukrainian refugees of any European nation since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He noted that many of the refugees have been helped by private households, rather than refugee camps.

    “Today Poland is home to over 3.5 million Ukrainians,” he said, adding that the Polish government has to date spent over USD 9 billion on humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

    “Poland will continue to support Ukraine to halt Russian imperialism,” Duda declared. He went on to say that Poland will also continue aiding democratic forces in Belarus.

    The Biden administration is reportedly planning to take action against the misuse and abuse of technology. A US official has revealed that new measures will be announced, including a “joint commitment” with international partners to address the issue of commercial spyware proliferation. The announcement is expected to be made shortly.


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