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    President Duda’s Bold Call to NATO Allies: Time to Step Up Defense Spending

    In a stirring address to American politicians, President Andrzej Duda highlighted Europe’s and NATO’s responsibility in safeguarding their own security. Speaking with Michał Rachon on TV Republika during his visit to the United States, President Duda emphasized the need for NATO allies to increase their defence expenditure to ensure effective defence capabilities.

    “Europe is responsibly approaching its own security, NATO is responsibly approaching its own security, NATO member states are raising their defence spending to be able to defend themselves effectively,”

    President Duda declared during the interview.

    During his visit to the USA, President Duda urged NATO allies to raise their defence spending to 3 percent of GDP. In his conversation with Michał Rachon, he divulged details of discussions with American politicians on this matter.

    “I say calmly today: 3 percent, and I open the discussion on this topic. I’m not saying that such a decision should be made in a month, in two, in three, or even at the next NATO summit, but we need to talk about it because Europe needs it today. It is necessary to increase the amount spent on defence,”

    President Duda explained.

    He also stressed to congressmen that allocating 3 percent of GDP to defence by all NATO member states was crucial for American voters to understand that the burden of defending Europe doesn’t fall solely on the United States.

    President Duda further conveyed to American politicians that by assisting Ukraine today, they are making a strategic investment.

    “Today it’s about spending money. Just money, you don’t have to send soldiers. If Russia prevails in Ukraine and Russian imperialism isn’t halted, perhaps Russia will continue its imperialistic ambitions. It is highly likely. And then America will once again have to send its soldiers. Just like they perished in World War I and World War II, and hundreds of thousands of American soldier graves mark the fields of Western Europe today, there is a potential threat that this will be repeated,”

    the President added.

    President Duda’s message resonates deeply in a time of geopolitical uncertainty. It’s a call to action for NATO allies to fulfil their commitments to collective defence and ensure the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic region. As threats evolve, so must our responses, and President Duda’s leadership in this regard is commendable. It’s time for NATO allies to heed his call and strengthen the alliance’s deterrence capabilities in the face of emerging challenges.

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