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    U.S. to Offer Poland a Massive $2 Billion Arms Loan, Including 96 Apache Helicopters

    President Joe Biden is set to announce on Tuesday plans to extend a $2 billion loan to Poland for arms purchases, along with an offer to sell 96 Apache helicopters. This announcement was made by Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor, ahead of the visit by Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk to Washington.

    During a press briefing before the high-profile visit of Poland’s leaders to the White House, Sullivan shared that the United States plans to extend this new direct loan under the Foreign Military Financing program. Additionally, the U.S. aims to offer the sale of 96 Apache helicopters.

    Sullivan highlighted that these initiatives are not only aimed at aiding Poland in bolstering its defense with the latest technology but are also expected to benefit the U.S. defense industry significantly. This move comes at a time of heightened security concerns in Europe and aims to strengthen the strategic partnership between the United States and Poland.

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