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    President Duda’s Powerful Message at Monte Cassino Anniversary

    During the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino, President Andrzej Duda emphasized the importance of learning from history. “No matter what form Russia takes—Tsarist, Soviet, or Putin’s—Russian imperialism is always the same: criminal, cruel, and ruthless,” he declared.

    Commemorating Fallen Heroes

    The commemoration, held at the Polish War Cemetery, included a field mass in Polish and prayers from other faiths. President Duda and his wife attended, along with Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

    President Duda referenced the famous wartime song “Czerwone Maki” to highlight Polish soldiers’ bravery. He urged Europe to prevent future wars and support Ukraine against Russian aggression. Duda reminded attendees that after Nazi Germany attacked Poland in 1939, Soviet Russia also invaded, splitting the nation.

    Reflection and Hope

    Duda highlighted the suffering of Polish soldiers who fought after enduring Soviet captivity. Despite their sacrifices, many couldn’t return home and were marginalized post-war. He expressed hope that modern Europe has learned from these lessons and will resist Russian imperialism.

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