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    President of Poland on Donald Trump: He will not be lenient towards Putin

    In a revealing interview on Kanal Zero, Polish President Andrzej Duda shared his insights on former U.S. President Donald Trump, asserting that Trump would not adopt a lenient approach towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and his imperial ambitions. The interview, conducted by Krzysztof Stanowski and Robert Mazurek, has garnered significant attention across media platforms.

    Addressing speculations about Trump’s potential presidency and his foreign policy towards Moscow and Kyiv, President Duda remarked, “I have met President Donald Trump. He is a unique, very tough individual. I would say a tough player. Very experienced in the harsh business world (…) and I doubt he would be a realm of gentleness for Vladimir Putin and his imperial aspirations, because he has imperial aspirations. He believes America should be an empire.”

    Throughout the conversation, President Duda also touched upon the assessments of foreign analysts regarding the possibility of a Russian attack on Poland. He expressed skepticism about Russia’s willingness to confront a NATO country, especially one with a strong military potential, robust missile defense, long-range artillery capabilities, and a well-equipped army. “I want Poland to become such a NATO state,” Duda emphasized, highlighting his vision for Poland’s defense and strategic posture.

    This discourse comes at a time of heightened tensions and geopolitical shifts, where the stance of global powers like the United States towards Russia is closely watched. Duda’s comments reflect a belief in Trump’s ability to be a formidable opponent to Putin’s ambitions, contradicting some opinions that Trump’s presidency might lead to a softer U.S. stance towards Russia.

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