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    President Set to Inaugurate New Polish Government

    The impending swearing-in of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s new government in Poland has been slated for Monday at 4:30, according to a statement from a presidential aide. Following this ceremony, the government will undergo a critical phase of securing a vote of confidence within the subsequent two weeks.

    The wheels were set in motion on November 13 when President Andrzej Duda accepted the resignation of the preceding Morawiecki-led government, post the general elections held in October. Despite losing its parliamentary majority, Duda entrusted Morawiecki, from the victorious Law and Justice party, with the responsibility of forming the next government.

    Morawiecki’s bid for a vote of confidence hinges on the Sejm, Poland’s lower house of parliament. A failure to secure this vote would grant the Sejm the authority to propose its own candidate for prime minister. 

    Wojciech Kolarski, a minister at the President’s Office, emphasized the constitutional adherence of President Duda’s timeline. Kolarski affirmed to state-owned broadcaster TVP Info on Sunday, stating, “Tomorrow at 4:30 there will be a swearing-in of the government of Mateusz Morawiecki, who from that moment will have two weeks to achieve a majority in the Sejm.”

    The upcoming inauguration marks a pivotal juncture in Poland’s political landscape, as competing factions maneuver to shape the nation’s governance amid a shifting parliamentary dynamic.


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