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    Presidential Aide Stresses the Importance of Historical Truth in Polish-Ukrainian Relations

    In the pursuit of fostering the best possible relations between Poland and Ukraine, the foreign policy advisor to the Polish president has emphasized the significance of uncovering the truth surrounding a series of wartime massacres of Poles by Ukrainian nationalists.

    Between the years 1943 and 1945, approximately 100,000 Poles lost their lives at the hands of Ukrainian forces in regions that now encompass western Ukraine and eastern Poland. Termed the Volhynia Massacre, this tragic event continues to cast a shadow over the bilateral relations between the two nations, despite the recent solidarity formed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year.

    Lukasz Jasina, the deputy foreign minister, stated last week that President Duda expects an official apology from Ukraine. However, ahead of the commemoration ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the massacre, Marcin Przydacz, the head of the International Policy Bureau at the president’s office, shed light on the challenges surrounding the historical dialogue between Poland and Ukraine. He acknowledged that the dialogue has been far from easy in the past and emphasized the importance of unearthing the truth about the Volhynia Massacre as a crucial step towards forging a better future for Polish-Ukrainian relations.

    Przydacz underscored that the president anticipates a constructive dialogue on this matter and the establishment of enduring foundations for Polish-Ukrainian relations based on historical truth. By acknowledging and addressing the painful events of the past, it is believed that both nations can work towards a more harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership in the future.


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