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    Prof. Marcin Stępień Honored with the FNP Award 2023 for Pioneering Work in Chemistry

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    Professor Marcin Stępień, a chemist from the University of Wrocław, has been awarded the prestigious Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) Prize for 2023 in the field of chemical sciences and materials. This recognition acknowledges his groundbreaking work in designing and synthesizing new aromatic compounds with unprecedented structures and remarkable properties.

    Innovative Aromatic Compounds

    Professor Stępień’s research has led to the creation of novel aromatic and antiaromatic molecules, some of which mimic the structure of graphene, featuring unique optical and electronic characteristics. These compounds hold immense potential for applications in LED devices, photovoltaics, medical diagnostics, and phototherapy.

    Significance of Aromatic Compounds

    Aromatic compounds, characterized by their stabilized, delocalized chemical bonds within ring structures, have far-reaching implications in various fields of organic chemistry. They find utility in industries as diverse as dyes, semiconductors, catalysts, and pharmaceuticals.

    Structural Insights and Applications

    Professor Stępień’s achievements go beyond their cognitive value. His work sheds light on the relationship between molecular structure and properties, influencing aspects like absorption, fluorescence, motion, and the physical expression of chirality. This research provides a deeper understanding of how unique three-dimensional molecular shapes impact their behavior and applications.

    About Prof. Marcin Stępień

    Professor Marcin Stępień is the head of the Organic Chemistry Department and the Discipline Council at the University of Wrocław. He leads the Organic Synthesis Group (Stępień Lab), focusing on functional aromatic compounds.

    With an extensive academic background, including a postdoctoral stint in the USA, Professor Stępień has published numerous scientific papers and received various awards, including the prestigious FNP Prize. He is a prominent figure in the global scientific community and an editorial board member of “Angewandte Chemie,” a renowned chemistry journal.

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