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    Protecting Tatra Crocuses: A Call for Responsible Tourism

    In the Tatra Mountains, the blooming of crocuses has begun, painting the meadows with vibrant hues of purple, notably in Chochołowska Clearing. As these protected flowers grace the landscape, the Tatra National Park (TNP) authorities urge visitors to observe the Crocus Lover’s Code.

    “We’re witnessing the blooming crocuses in several spots across Podhale. Tourists keen to admire these purple beauties should adhere to certain guidelines to ensure their preservation,” reminded Paulina Kołodziejska from TNP. It’s crucial to follow the Crocus Lover’s Code.

    “Be a guardian of the crocuses. If you witness inappropriate behavior, intervene,” encourage TNP authorities.

    According to the established rules, crocuses should be admired and photographed from designated hiking trails. Venturing onto the meadows is prohibited to avoid trampling the flowers. Sitting or lying among the crocuses for photography is strictly forbidden, as is picking them due to their protected status.

    In previous years, some visitors attempted to park their cars directly on the flowers, causing damage. Experts anticipate the crocus bloom in the Tatras to last until mid-April, contingent on weather conditions. Snowfall and frost may delay or halt mass flowering.

    Beyond Chochołowska Valley

    While Chochołowska Valley is renowned for its floral carpets, crocuses bloom equally beautifully in other mountain regions like Kalatówki Clearing, Kopieńcowe Clearing, and meadows below the Regle. Volunteers will monitor the meadows during weekends, reminding tourists to adhere to regulations and protect the crocuses.

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