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    Record energy production from wind, sun, water – PGE leads in green transition

    In 2022, the energy produced by PGE Polish Energy Group from renewable sources reached a record level of 1,931 GWh – 5.3% more than the year before. The leader of the green energy transition in Poland is already able to cover the annual demand of 860,000 households with RES energy. The RES production result achieved by PGE last year would be able to provide electricity for all the inhabitants of the Łódź Province for the whole year. 

    Thanks to PGE’s investments, Poles are already taking advantage of electricity produced by environmentally friendly sources. The Group has 24 PV power plants, of which the total capacity of installations built or in the final stage of construction will reach approx. 500 MW by the end of 2023.

    In 2022, the energy produced by PGE from RES reached a record level of 1,931 GWh.
    Source: PGE Polish Energy Group

    PGE also produces green energy at 20 wind farms across Poland, comprising 342 windmills with a total installed capacity of 772 MW. PGE also has 29 hydroelectric power plants with a total capacity of 96 MW and 4 pumped storage power plants with a total capacity of 1,543 MW. The latter can not only produce but also store electricity, supporting the stabilisation of the country’s energy system.

    “Renewable energy is not burdened by CO2 emission charges, which are getting higher every year, thus raising the cost of energy production. As a result, the green transition means more favourable electricity prices, but also Poland’s energy security and independence, which we are gradually increasing thanks to new generation capacity based on wind, water and sun. According to the adopted strategy, by 2030 PGE will have 3 GW of photovoltaic capacity, 1.7 GW of onshore wind capacity and 2.5 GW of offshore wind capacity in the Baltic Sea,”

    says Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polish Energy Group.

    Poles appreciate green transition

    According to a survey conducted in October 2022 by IBRiS, 44% of respondents fear the introduction of consumption limits and 40% even fear power shortages. Energy production from RES does not require the import of fossil fuels from other countries or the use of Poland’s depleting coal resources. Thanks to RES energy, the production and availability of energy will not depend in any way on external fuel suppliers, CO2 emission fees or world events.

    Rapid growth in energy production from RES, supplemented by modernisation and expansion of the distribution network and energy storage facilities is also a guarantee of market stabilisation and supply security for consumers. At the same time, the results of the survey showed that Poles are aware of the benefits of green change in the energy sector. 66% support investments aimed at the development of wind farms, and 77% support the construction of offshore wind farms. The results of the IBRIS survey confirm the high support for green energy development in Poland.

    The PGE Group has been leading the green transition for years, being the leader of the energy transformation in Poland. It was one of the first companies in Central and Eastern Europe to take up the challenge of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. This is possible thanks to the consistent implementation of the adopted energy transformation strategy and successive investments in renewable energy sources obtaining energy from the sun, wind and water.

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