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    Record wage growth in March in Poland

    A new record was set in March for wages in the business sector, according to the Central Statistical Office. The average salary for the month amounted to PLN 7,508.34 gross, representing an increase of 6.3 per cent from the previous month.

    On an annual basis, the average salary in the enterprise sector (where the number of employees exceeds 9 people) increased by 12.6 per cent.

    In March, the average salary of a Polish worker employed on a contract of employment was PLN 5,450.

    The increase in average monthly wages and salaries in March 2023, compared to February 2023, was due to the continuation of payments, including annual bonuses and awards, jubilee bonuses, quarterly bonuses, settlement of remuneration for overtime work, increase in salaries, as well as payments of retirement gratuities (which, apart from basic salaries, are also included in the components of salaries), it was written.

    The CSO reported that the highest increase in average monthly gross wages was recorded in the “Professional, scientific and technical activity” section (by 11.3%), where wages amounted to PLN 10789.93 (PLN 9698.14 a month earlier) and “Information and communication” (by 11.0%), where wages amounted to PLN 13633.44 (PLN 12284.79 a month earlier).

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