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    Remembering Prof. Andrzej Grodek (1901-1959): A Pioneer in Polish Economic History

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    In 2024, the Warsaw School of Economics honors Prof. Andrzej Grodek, a distinguished economist, historian, and former rector. Events include a seminar on his contributions and the naming of the SGH Library after him, acknowledging his heroic efforts during wartime. A bust, designed by Dr. Piotr Siwczuk, now stands in his honor.

    Born in Łódź, Grodek devoted his life to the institution, serving as rector in 1947-1949 and 1955-1959. Despite wartime challenges, he preserved the school’s library. Grodek’s early struggles shaped his resilience, taking on roles such as a teacher and military service.

    His academic achievements, including a doctorate in 1935, and publications in renowned dictionaries showcase his scholarly prowess. During WWII, he safeguarded SGH’s library and clandestinely lectured at a secret school.

    Prof. Grodek’s impact extended beyond academia; he received national honors and served as rector post-war. His legacy lives on, celebrated in 2024 and forever etched in the annals of Polish economic history.

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