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    Renowned Japanese Physicist Prof. Hideo Ohno Awarded Honorary Doctorate by the University of Warsaw

    The University of Warsaw bestowed an honorary doctorate upon Prof. Hideo Ohno, a distinguished physicist from Tohoku University, Japan. Prof. Ohno, a leading figure in the field of spintronics, explores spin-dependent properties of condensed matter, contributing to cutting-edge information and communication technology.

    Prof. Ohno, known for his work on semiconductor systems with embedded magnetic properties, has significantly advanced the understanding of ferromagnetism. His groundbreaking contributions include the development of ferromagnetic semiconductors and the exploration of new phenomena crucial for next-generation electronic devices.

    For over two decades, Prof. Ohno has collaborated with the University of Warsaw’s Physics Department, fostering scientific discussions, joint publications, and sharing access to unique samples from his laboratory. His impact extends to organizing joint symposia, strengthening the ties between Polish and Japanese researchers.

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