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    Republika TV Expands Internationally with “Rock Rachon – We Rollin'”

    Republika TV has announced the launch of its new English-language program, “Rock Rachon – We Rollin’,” furthering its global outreach. The show, hosted by the charismatic Michał Rachoń, has quickly become a key feature of the channel’s lineup, representing a major step in Republika TV’s international expansion strategy.

    In a statement made in late December 2023, Republika TV highlighted the significance of this development. Michał Rachoń, well-known for his morning show “Michał Rachoń #JEDZIEMY,” revealed his plans to spearhead another engaging program. This move underscores Republika TV’s dedication to offering a diverse range of content to its audience in Poland and viewers around the world.

    Rachoń acknowledged the closure of TVP World as a pivotal moment, presenting Republika TV with an opportunity to fill the gap and continue providing beloved programming. This strategic decision aims to resonate with audiences who value the channel’s insightful and informative content.

    “Rock Rachon – We Rollin'”: Bridging Borders with Global Dialogue

    Central to Republika TV’s expansion is the enhanced version of the popular show “Rock Rachon – We Rollin’.” The program encourages viewers to share the broadcast with friends and family abroad who are interested in keeping up with Polish current affairs. The show promises to deliver an insider’s view on critical issues shaping the nation, presented in English to reach a wider audience.

    Airing from Monday to Thursday at 11:30 PM (GMT +1), “Rock Rachon – We Rollin'” features nightly discussions on global affairs. Michał Rachoń will host conversations with a variety of guests, both Polish and international, to explore significant international topics impacting Poland and its global community. By conducting these dialogues in English, Republika TV aims to overcome language barriers and make its content accessible to a broader audience.

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