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    Republika TV: Revolutionizing Poland’s Media and Battling Government Propaganda

    During the 19th Congress of the “Gazeta Polska” Clubs in Sulejów, Tomasz Sakiewicz, head of Telewizja Republika, declared that his network has significantly altered Poland’s media landscape. “We have changed the conditions of the game set by the world’s big players,” Sakiewicz stated, emphasizing that the ruling government’s timeline for combating the opposition has been drastically shortened due to the network’s efforts. “We show them as they are. And it must be said clearly, the current government is simply monstrous. We stand against it.”

    The Congress, which began on June 14, brought together influential journalists from the Free Speech Zone media, including Telewizja Republika. The channel has risen to the second position among news stations in Poland and is ambitiously aiming for the top spot. This goal seems within reach as they have submitted an application for a national multiplex license, potentially allowing for nationwide broadcasting.

    Gójska Calls for Public Support to Keep Telewizja Republika Accessible Nationwide Amidst Government Pressure

    Katarzyna Gójska, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Gazeta Polska,” opened the media panel by expressing gratitude for the robust support the station has received. She stressed the importance of public support in their fight against government propaganda, particularly the crucial role of sending emails to the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) to ensure Telewizja Republika remains available across Poland. “This is a battle to ensure Telewizja Republika is accessible nationwide, especially if the government decides to strike harder against us,” Gójska emphasized.

    Sakiewicz further highlighted the network’s impact, noting changes in voter demographics in areas with strong Republika viewership. He acknowledged the challenges faced due to their stance, including legal battles and intimidation of journalists. “Recent months show that the time the ruling team gave itself to fight the opposition has been significantly shortened. We show them as they are, and it must be said clearly, the current government is monstrous. We stand against it, but we must face the enormous cost of such a stance.”

    Sakiewicz: Telewizja Republika Aims to Become Poland’s Leading Network with National License and Support

    Looking ahead, Sakiewicz expressed hope for making Telewizja Republika the largest television network in Poland, contingent upon receiving the national multiplex license and securing financial support. “If we get the multiplex, we will be the most-watched television, and that should make us the best television. We are on the brink. Besides the decision from the KRRiT, we also need financial support,” he stated, urging mobilization among viewers and supporters of the Free Speech Zone. The battle for media independence and freedom of expression in Poland remains intense, with Telewizja Republika positioning itself at the forefront of this struggle.

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