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    Rising Popularity of Blueberries Among Poles

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    Blueberry consumption soars in Poland, with 18.1 million Poles indulging in 2023. Insights and challenges in the rising trend.

    The love for blueberries is steadily growing among the Polish population, according to research conducted by Kantar from 2020 to 2023. Blueberries are climbing the ranks in the popularity of superfoods in Poland, with summer 2023 seeing a record-high consumption of 18.1 million Poles, which accounts for 56% of the population. This marks a historic high, even considering the surge in fruit consumption during the pandemic. The consistent and dynamic growth is reflected in the four-year consumption study, and industry experts share their insights on this trend.

    Steady Consumption Growth:
    In August, over half of the Polish population, 56%, enjoyed blueberries, marking the highest percentage in the history of monthly measurements, including the pandemic period. In August 2020, 14.6 million people consumed blueberries, whereas today, that number has increased by a remarkable 25%, reaching 18.1 million consumers.

    Blueberries in the Summer:
    While blueberries made significant gains in popularity, they did not secure the top spot for the most favored summer berry. Raspberries claimed the number one position, setting records for consumer numbers in both July and August. Strawberries took third place, with 33% of the 15+ population declaring their consumption in August.

    Challenges for the Future:
    The increasing consumption of blueberries is undoubtedly a cause for celebration among growers, but it also presents challenges for the industry. With over 50% penetration in August, sustaining the current growth rate will require increased purchase frequency and larger shopping baskets. Additionally, as imported fruits have improved in quality in recent years, consumers now expect better, consistent quality during the Polish harvest season. Meeting these expectations may involve replacing some of the older blueberry varieties with more competitive options in the increasingly demanding market.

    Continued Growth Year to Year:
    The trend of rising blueberry consumption is undoubtedly beneficial. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can contribute to improved health by providing essential nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. It is essential to continue educating and encouraging healthy eating habits to maintain this trend in the future.

    Responsibility of Growers:
    Growers and producers play a crucial role in maintaining the popularity of blueberries. Their products must be of high quality and meet the growing demands of consumers. Quality and product innovation are always valued, and understanding these aspects better and promoting them faster will be key to sustaining this trend.

    The Kantar study from 2020 to 2023 showcases the remarkable growth in blueberry consumption among the Polish population. While this trend is promising for both the fruit industry and public health, it also brings challenges that require careful consideration. As blueberries continue to capture the hearts and palates of Poles, it is essential for growers and producers to uphold the standards of quality and innovation to ensure the sustainability of this healthy trend.

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