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    Robert Lewandowski Criticizes Polish Football Association and Addresses Bonus Scandal

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    In a recent interview, Poland’s national football team captain, Robert Lewandowski, didn’t mince his words as he criticized the Polish Football Association (PZPN) and addressed the controversial bonus scandal that created a buzz during the World Cup in Qatar.

    Lewandowski expressed his concerns, saying, “In certain positions, we should expect and demand class. It’s crucial. You need to know how to behave in that role and how to manage everything.” He commended PZPN for its sporting aspects but criticized the surrounding issues, calling them unacceptable in today’s times. He emphasized that younger players, who didn’t witness the past, might find the situation shocking and bewildering.

    PZPN responded calmly, acknowledging Lewandowski’s right to share his opinions through interviews. Team manager Jakub Kwiatkowski and PZPN’s spokesperson, Tomasz Kozłowski, both reiterated that Lewandowski’s role as captain allows him to voice his observations publicly.

    Despite the controversy, the Polish national team is gearing up for upcoming European Championship qualification matches against the Faroe Islands and Albania, with the primary focus remaining on their sporting objectives. The match against the Faroe Islands is scheduled for September 7th, followed by the clash with Albania three days later in Tirana.

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