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    RPO Steps Up: Investigating Alleged Torture of Father Michał Olszewski Following PiS Demands for Justice

    The Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights (RPO) has taken up the case of Father Michał Olszewski. This action follows strong demands from PiS lawmakers, led by Mariusz Błaszczak, for accountability and redress following alarming reports of mistreatment during Olszewski’s detention. Błaszczak, a key PiS MP, shared his optimism about RPO’s impending actions on social media platform X.

    High-Stakes Meeting with RPO Leadership

    On July 5th, Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Law and Justice (PiS), alongside Mariusz Błaszczak, convened a crucial meeting with the top brass of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights. The attendees included Professor Marcinek Wiącek and his deputy, Professor Wojciech Brzozowski. The central issue on the table was the alleged torture of Father Olszewski, a grave matter that Kaczyński rightly branded as an egregious violation of human decency.

    “It was a substantive conversation,” Kaczyński asserted. “There was no denial that something unacceptable occurred. We argued that torture represents a significant breach, a Rubicon that demands an extraordinary response from the RPO, not just a routine investigation.”

    RPO’s Determined Response

    In reaction to this high-level intervention, RPO issued a statement on their X profile, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation. The post indicated that media reports have provided substantial reasons to suspect that Police and Internal Security Agency (ABW) officers may have violated Father Olszewski’s rights during his arrest.

    “The allegations in the press suggest that the detainee might have been subjected to treatment violating his privacy and threatening his personal safety, both in police custody and during transportation and procedural activities by ABW officers,” the statement detailed. Deputy Commissioner Wojciech Brzozowski has requested a comprehensive investigation from the Chief of Police and the head of ABW, with the findings to be reviewed further by the Commissioner.

    Urgent Call for Action

    Błaszczak’s social media post underscores PiS’s firm stance on this issue, highlighting the need for a swift and effective investigation. “Following our intervention together with Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, the RPO Office will tackle the case of Father Michał Olszewski. We expect robust measures and accountability for those who mistreated the detainee,” Błaszczak declared.

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