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    Russia indicates another country to attack

    Russia’s armed forces have the plan to attack Moldova, which would take place in early 2023, the head of the country’s Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) Alexandru Musteata informed.

    Speaking to TVR Moldova, Musteata explained that the Russian invasion of Moldova depends on the situation in the territory of war-torn Ukraine.

    “The Russian Federation is planning an invasion of the Republic of Moldova in early 2023, but the implementation of this scenario depends on the development of the conflict in Ukraine (…) The question is not “will it happen?” but “when will it happen?”

    the SIS chief stated.

    According to Musteata, the Russians could use armaments from an arms depot accumulated in the village of Cobasna, located in the separatist region of Transnistria, to attack Moldova.

    According to the SIS chief, a possible Russian offensive in Ukraine would serve, among other things, to open up a land corridor to pro-Russian Transnistria by Putin’s troops.

    Authorities revoke licences of six TV stations for broadcasting Russian propaganda

    Meanwhile, the Moldovan authorities announced on Friday the revocation of the broadcasting licences of six television stations on the country’s territory. The decision was justified by the dissemination of Russian propaganda in their broadcasts.

    According to the Moldovan government’s Emergency Situations Commission, the decision to revoke the licences will remain in force until the country’s state of emergency ends. This was introduced in February following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    In a communiqué on Friday, the commission explained that the decision “was taken to protect the national information space and to prevent the appearance of a risk of misinformation or an attempt to manipulate public opinion”.

    The commission specified that the stations were suspended from broadcasting on Moldovan territory based on numerous violations found by the Audiovisual Council, which monitors the content they present.

    The document specified that the broadcasting licence was withdrawn from TV stations: RTR Moldova, Primul in Moldova, Accent TV, NTV Moldova, TV6, as well as Orhei TV.

    Commenting on the decision of the Emergency Situations Commission on Friday evening, Moldovan President Maia Sandu indicated that because of the threats of war in neighbouring Ukraine, the Moldovan information space must be safe and free of provocative actions.

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