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    Russian Disinformation Aims to Stoke Hatred and Divide Society, Says Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council

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    Maciej Świrski, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council of Poland, highlights Russia’s objectives in using disinformation to divide society, foster antipathy among Poles towards their own country, and weaken Poland’s NATO position.

    Maciej Świrski, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT), has asserted that Russia’s proficient use of disinformation serves three key objectives: dividing Polish society, instilling resentment among Poles towards their homeland to the extent that they submit to Russian dominance, and undermining Poland by alienating it within NATO.

    “Russia aims to divide society into two warring tribes. It’s not just about political views but also about fomenting hatred to prevent communication between people. To combat disinformation, we need civic vigilance and must maintain this awareness. It’s not about paranoia; it’s about acknowledging that such operations are taking place,”

    emphasized Maciej Świrski during his remarks at the Warsaw Summit Against Disinformation.

    President Świrski added that the event demonstrates that countries in the Central and Eastern European region face similar challenges from Russian disinformation. The Warsaw Summit Against Disinformation serves as a platform for collectively addressing these issues.

    “We are not helpless. There are legal regulations in place in our countries that allow us to combat disinformation; we just need to utilize them. That’s the purpose of this conference,”

    underscored Maciej Świrski.

    The Warsaw Summit Against Disinformation takes place on October 4-5, 2023, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

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