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    Rzeszow acquires historic building with legendary cinema

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    Rzeszow, a city in southeastern Poland, has just become the proud new owner of a historic building that houses the legendary Zorza cinema. The acquisition by the city means that the cinema is now guaranteed stability and will continue to operate for years to come. Zorza is the oldest cinema in Rzeszów and is run by the Regional Film Foundation in the city.

    The property was previously owned by the Apollo Film company in Krakow, however, negotiations for the sale have been ongoing since February of last year. The transaction was recently concluded for the sum of 6.22 million złoty, a move seen as a gift to the city’s residents, who hold Zorza in high regard.

    The purchase of the property heralds a new vision for the building’s future, with the city authorities already planning ideas for further development of the historic building, including utilizing its fantastic foyer and entrance hall as open spaces for cultural activities. Additionally, the city is planning to seek European Capital of Culture status and Zorza will be a key player in this initiative.

    Zorza cinema has the largest cinema theater in the Podkarpackie region, boasting 518 seats, as well as two smaller, more intimate cinemas with 44 seats each. The cinema has managed to survive through the years, facing multiple crises and challenges as it navigated the changing landscape of the film industry. Today, Zorza is known for showcasing ambitious productions and films with an artistic edge.

    The acquisition by Rzeszow is seen as a boon not only for the cinematic and cultural landscape of the city but also for its residents, who will benefit from both the continued operation of the cinema and the expanded use of the building’s other spaces. Such moves toward cultural transformation bode well for the future of Rzeszow as a thriving and vibrant city.

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