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    SatRev Announces Groundbreaking SOWA-1 Mission

    SatRev has unveiled its pioneering SOWA-1 mission, featuring a new generation 6U satellite. Scheduled for launch in May/June 2024, the satellite marks SatRev’s first venture into the 6U satellite realm, showcasing a significant milestone for the company. The mission will see the satellite lifted into orbit aboard the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

    Innovation Takes Flight

    “This marks a historic moment as SatRev ventures into uncharted territory with our first 6U satellite,” stated Grzegorz Zwoliński, CEO of SatRev. “Our team of engineers, programmers, and experts have worked tirelessly on this innovative project, and we eagerly anticipate the moment when our new satellite will be launched into orbit as part of the SOWA-1 mission.”

    With the launch operation slated for late May or early June, contingent upon various factors including weather conditions, SatRev aims to redefine SpaceTech standards. Each step forward reflects the company’s commitment to advancing space exploration technologies.

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