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    School Remembers: Honoring Polish Heroes and History

    The fifth edition of the School Remembers initiative has successfully concluded its mission of instilling an appreciation for Polish heroes and historical events, especially those linked to local regions. With over 11,000 schools, preschools, and educational institutions across Poland participating, this year’s program engaged more than 1.6 million students and 161,000 teachers.

    Preserving Polish Heritage:
    The School Remembers initiative, conducted during a period of national reflection and remembrance, highlights the importance of honoring our national heritage. It aligns with the Polish tradition of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, emphasizing the significance of maintaining historical memory.

    Activities in the 2023 Edition:
    This year, students, educators, and caretakers embarked on various activities, including visiting local memorial sites and learning about their associated histories. They cleaned unmarked and neglected graves, organized school exhibitions dedicated to local heroes and historical figures, created artwork reflecting Polish All Saints’ Day traditions, and explored family mementos passed down through generations. Additionally, there were patriotic field trips, musical and poetic gatherings, and more.

    Sharing on Social Media:
    Participants shared their involvement in the initiative on social media using the hashtag #SchoolRemembers, contributing to the program’s broader impact. Some schools participated for the fifth time, showing their enduring commitment.

    Promoting Local History:
    One participating school, for the first time, was the Wanda Chotomska Primary School in Praszka. Younger students created an album of artwork titled A Stroll Through My Town, while older students shared family stories, prepared an exhibition of family heirlooms, and delivered multimedia presentations about historical sites in the Praszka community.

    Involvement of Polish Youth:
    This initiative also extended to preschools, with children visiting local monuments and creating thematic art. For example, students from Lublin’s Preschool No. 28, with their caregivers, visited nearby monuments, including the Mothers of Siberian Deportees, Józef Piłsudski, and the Union of Lublin.

    Teaching Respect and Patriotism:
    Teachers and educators agree on the importance of involving young people in initiatives like School Remembers. The program not only nurtures respect for Polish traditions but also instills love for their homeland and historical awareness.

    Past Editions and This Year’s Participation:
    The first School Remembers campaign was launched in 2019, and each edition draws over a million students and thousands of schools. This year, over 1.6 million students and 161,000 teachers participated from 11,120 institutions.

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