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    “Hornet” – the first unmanned surface vehicle in Poland

    Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology designed “Hornet”- the first unmanned surface vehicle in Poland. It will patrol offshore wind farms, inspect shipping channels and detect unwanted objects.

    Although the boat has already been tested, it must return to the hangar for the winter. The scientists will improve its functionality and provide the first opportunities for autonomous operation.

    Moreover, the scientists implement a system of secure, reliable wireless communication, which will ensure communication with many unmanned units at the same time.

    The prototype of the boat is a part of the research and development "TRANSACT" project. It is an international project with a total budget of EUR 26.5 million). As a part of it, partners from Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands will cooperate with each other.

    “Joint activities during the implementation of this project contribute to the development of innovative and safe procedural and legal solutions, in accordance with the guidelines of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)”.

    said Grzegorz Pettke, Ship Division Director.

    Also, he addet that it will enable the commercialization of this type of water transport, making Poland and the Polish shipbuilding industry an important center for the development of new technology.

    The first unmanned surface vehicle is the beginning of developing and testing the security of new technologies, solutions and algorithms.

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